How Do You Verify That You Have Been Affected By An STD?

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STDs are diseases that can be primarily transmitted via a variety of sexual encounters, including oral, anal, and vaginal intercourse. These illnesses can also be inadvertently contracted via additional pathways. Starting from expecting mothers passing them on to their unborn children to contracting them via non-sexual activities such as kissing, everyone regardless of their sexual history can get infected. Untreated STDs can be lethal to the host and can result in chronic issues including infertility, blindness, and even premature death. 

This is where the importance of STD tests comes in handy. There are only a handful of ways to determine if you have contracted an STD. Getting tested is a surefire way to verify whether or not you have contracted one. 

Common STD symptoms you need to look out for

If you have ever been sexually active in the past, you ought to be mindful of the most frequent STDs to which you are susceptible. Here is an overview of symptoms associated with all common STDs to help you determine whether you have them:-

HIVFever, rash, chills, sore throat, night sweats, fatigue, swollen lymph nodes, muscle aches
ChlamydiaPain while urinating and intercourse, bleeding between periods, unusual vaginal discharge, abdomen or pelvic pain, post-coital bleeding
SyphilisFever, sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, muscle aches, fatigue, chancre (sores), hair loss, weight loss, headaches
TrichomoniasisFoul-smelling genital discharge, painful urination, genital itching
GonorrheaUnusual discharge, abdominal or pelvic pain, pain while urinating and intercourse, bleeding between periods, pain in the testicles, rectal discharge and itching, light sensitivity, eye pain, pus-like discharge from the eyes, itchy or sore throat
HerpesBlisters or sores in the oral or genital area, fever, muscle aches, swollen glands, abnormal genital discharge, painful urination, bleeding between periods
HepatitisFever, abdominal pain, fatigue, appetite loss, vomiting, nausea, dark-colored urine, and clay-colored bowel movements

STD tests that can verify if you have contracted common STDs 

If you have contracted an STD or have risked exposure to an STD, the best way to ensure it is by getting tested. There are multiple tests available. However, before you take a test, you should be aware that each testing procedure varies based on the type of STD you are testing for. They are elucidated below:- 

  • HIV Testing: There are three types of HIV tests that clinics conduct. Each has its unique window periods. The NAT (Nucleic Acid Test) has a window period of 10 to 33 days after being exposed for the first time whereas the Antigen/antibody blood test has a window period of 18 to 45 days after exposure. 
  • Chlamydia Tests: Chlamydia tests are fairly simple and the results are usually delivered within 30 minutes to 1-hour post testing. Women have to go through a vaginal swab test or a urine test while men can just provide their urine sample. 
  • Syphilis Tests: If you suspect that you have contracted Syphilis, get tested immediately. In a Syphilis test, you will be asked for a blood sample or a swab of any open sores in your oral or genital area if you have any. Your sample will be tested to detect if it has the presence of the bacterium, Treponema pallidum.
  • Gonorrhea Tests: Like Chlamydia tests, Gonorrhea testing is also conveniently simple and fast where you will only need to provide a genital swab sample or a urine sample. 
  • Trichomoniasis Tests: If you undergo Trichomoniasis tests, you will have to provide a genital swab sample which will be collected by the medical professional.
  • Hepatitis C Tests: Hepatitis C tests are performed via HCV antibody blood tests that help detect Hepatitis C antibodies. 
  • Herpes: Herpes tests or HSV tests are conducted with either swab samples from the Herpes sore, blood samples, or via a lumbar puncture depending on the symptoms and medical history. 

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With today’s technological advancements, verifying if you have an STD has become more convenient and reliable with STD tests. Affordable Rapid Testing has become a well-known name among the top testing centers in Phoenix and Scottsdale, Arizona. It features stellar lab technology that can detect common STDs like Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea accurately within a matter of minutes. Confidential, quick, and cost-effective STD testing has become a convenient option with Affordable Rapid Testing. If you want to make an appointment, head over to their website. 

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