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Trucking company drivers don’t have to wait for Drug Testing results for 2-3 days

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Same day DOT & Non-DOT Drug Testing results for drivers

Being a citizen of Arizona you must have thinking in mind where you should go for a quick drug test if and when necessary. If you are the owner of a truck company and hold a lot of drivers who travel almost every day in different cities then you must go for drug testing for the drivers on a regular basis to avoid accidents on your trucks and the legal hazards.

If you want to comply with the DOT drug testing and alcohol regulations then it is necessary for you to choose Affordable Rapid Testing for the breath alcohol screening or drug testing of the drivers, which is easy, less time taking, and provides results within the stipulated time frame.

DOT Drug testing with Affordable Rapid Testing:

It does not matter whether you are an owner-operator or you employ CDL drivers for your purpose, you can easily avoid legal issues and accidents by choosing us, as we provide professional and skilled service for DOT Drug testing and breath alcohol testing on demand.

Our professional lab assistants can go for tests as per requirements. If you cannot walk into our lab then we have mobile services for such tests where we will send our van to your location where skilled technicians will conduct the test over there and you will be mailed the reports as soon as possible.

Get results within the same day for drug testing of truck drivers

Federal law in Arizona changes from time to time and for a business owner, it becomes nearly impossible to track them all in a while. We will help you to avoid legal problems regarding truck drivers who often have to suffer from police-related hazards because of consuming drugs or alcohol while on duty.

You cannot always monitor all of your employees whether they are following the protocol, so here we are to assist you in this issue, as we help you to get reports within the same day of testing a truck driver so that he can move forward to his destination without wasting time. Previously it took almost 2-3 days to get hold of the report but with us, you can be assured of getting a same-day report which will lessen the hassle the drivers usually face while on a journey. On requirement, we can provide the report even within 30 minutes of testing.

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