What Happens If You Fail A Drug Test When Applying For A Job?

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Workplace drug testing is more common than you think and should not be taken lightly. Most companies have imposed mandatory drug tests both before and after employment in order to maintain workplace order. The sole purpose of drug tests is to avoid any drug-related incidents that might jeopardize work operations and tarnish the company’s name. Failing a drug test can result in serious consequences, with the worst being job termination. In this article, we have discussed the different kinds of drug tests and what will happen if you fail them.

Pre-employment drug test

A pre-employment drug test is a highly common prerequisite during the hiring process in a company and is held in numerous workplaces. Candidates are notified about this requirement prior to their application. Applicants are made to undergo drug screening tests as part of the company’s policies to create a drug-free workspace. 

What if you fail a pre-employment drug screen?

A failed pre-employment drug screen will render you ineligible for the job. Companies who conduct pre-employment drug tests have to exclusively and clearly state this requirement  prior to the employment offer.  Failing a pre-employment drug screen will give your potential employer every right to base their hiring decision based on the result. In most cases, they will not consider you an appropriate candidate at all. 

Reasonable suspicion drug screens

Reasonable suspicion drug screens fall under workplace drug testing that may be imposed upon employees if the employer has a viable suspicion. They may ask you to get tested for the following reasons:-

  • Unnatural or uncharacteristic behavior
  • Acting violently 
  • Showing actual signs of drug abuse 

What if one fails a reasonable suspicion drug screen?

Your employer has to create a policy in writing for incorporating and maintaining a drug-free workplace. This will put both you and your employer under legal protection. The consequences of failing a reasonable suspicion drug screen will rest at the complete discretion of the employer. Some employers will impose a no-tolerance policy on drug abuse while others may require employees to receive treatment and pass future drug screens. 

Field sobriety tests

Field sobriety tests are conducted by police officers who might suspect that you are driving under the influence. They are mainly held in order to evaluate your:-

  • Coordination
  • Balance
  • Ability to multi-task

You will be asked to:-

  • Maintain a horizontal gaze
  • Follow an object smoothly with your eyes
  • Walk in a straight line heel-to-toe and repeat the process after turning on one foot
  • Stand for 30 seconds with one leg without struggling (hopping or putting your foot down)
  • Take a breathalyzer test 

What if one fails a field sobriety test?

Failing a field sobriety test automatically indicates that you have committed a criminal offense by driving under the influence (DUI) and will lead you to:-

  • Do jail time
  • Pay a fine
  • Lose your driving license for a while
  • Take up addiction counseling

Felonies like DUI can go on your track record and may even show up in pre-employment background verifications. 

Court-ordered drug screens

Court-ordered drug screens are a legal mandate imposed on any individual charged with drug abuse or alcohol-related felony to stay sober. They may be ordered in the following cases:-

  • Probation cases
  • Custody cases
  • DUI
  • Incarceration

What if one fails a court-ordered drug test?

Failing a court-ordered drug test can have serious consequences depending on the situation, state, and whether it is a repeated occurrence or not. Individuals on probation may get a warning, have to appear in court, or have their probation revoked. For custody cases, failed tests can make matters related to custody and visiting rights more complicated.

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