Does Planned Parenthood Do STD Testing?

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Planned Parenthood or PPFA (Planned Parenthood Federation of America)is a charitable organization that is dedicated to offering sexual and reproductive healthcare, as well as sex education globally. With 159 affiliates (both medical and non-medical), this non-profit organization has over 600 health clinics in the United States. 

It collaborates with organizations in 12 countries across the world and provides several kinds of sexual health services including education. It is a renowned organization that has actively participated in research related to reproductive science and technology and has also strived to bring reproductive rights protection and extension into limelight. In addition to this, they also offer free STD testing services for all genders and all ages. 

Services offered by Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood has established dedicated health centers that aim to offer free or inexpensive STD tests and treatments to all individuals. Most common STDs are typically asymptomatic. Hence, being tested is the only way to know for sure if you or a partner has an STD. At Planned Parenthood, you can get tested for any STDs in a quick, simple, and painless fashion. STDs are easily treatable with medicines. Planned Parenthood has non-judgemental and unbiased staff who are trained to provide all forms of services when it comes to treating STDs. The services they offer are:-.

STD tests they offer

  • Chlamydia tests
  • Testing genital warts
  • Gonorrhea tests
  • Herpes tests
  • Syphilis tests
  • Trichomoniasis tests

STD vaccines they offer

  • Hepatitis A vaccine
  • Hepatitis B vaccine
  • HPV vaccine (Gardasil 9, Gardasil, Cervarix)

Other STD services they offer

  • Checkups and genital exams for sexual health problems
  • STD awareness
  • STD prevention methods
  • Safe sex education

How to book an appointment at Planned Parenthod?

Getting tested is the first step towards recovery and crucial especially if you are experiencing symptoms. A large population of men experience no symptoms after contracting an STD. Hence getting tested on a regular basis will not only keep you healthy but also provide you with some peace of mind. 

Booking for STD tests at Planned Parenthood can be done within a matter of minutes. All you need to do is follow the steps listed below:-

  • Step 1: Visit, enter your location details and your desired service to find the nearest health center that offers it.
  • Step 2: Choose the center closest to you and choose a suitable time for the appointment
  • Step 3: Book online or call their helpline number for a telehealth appointment or for one at a walk-in center

What kind of tests does Planned Parenthood perform for STD screenings?

STD testing is quick, simple, and typically painless. It is not normally included in routine medical checkups; you must request it. Each STD has its own form of test and your doctor can advise you on which tests you require. STD testing may involve the following:

  • A urine test: You will need to provide the urine sample in a cup.
  • A cheek swab: This test is usually conducted to detect HIV. Your sample will be collected by swabbing the inside walls of your cheek with a cotton swab.
  • A blood test: This typically involves a physician or nurse drawing blood with a syringe or a finger prick.
  • A physical checkup: In this test, a physician or nurse will examine your genital area for sores, warts, discharge and other abnormalities.
  • Testing sores: If you have any sores in the vagina, penis, cervix, urethra, throat or anus caused by your STD, a fluid sample of them will be collected with a swab by a physician or nurse.

Why you should consider choosing Affordable Rapid Testing, Arizona?

According to the CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention), an estimate of 2.4 million people in the United States reportedly contract STIs annually. STDs can be bacterial, virusal or parasitic infections that spread via unprotected sexual activity, or intimate contact.
Hence, to preserve your sexual health and well-being, it’s critical to prioritise regular STD testing. Facilities like Affordable Rapid Testing and Planned Parenthood are ideal options if you’re seeking STD testing centers in Phoenix or Scottsdale. Affordable Rapid Testing is the most reliable option amongst the numerous healthcare options that provide testing services. With high-grade contemporary technologies employed in their specialized labs, they aim to provide you with the most precise and discreet test results for your convenience.

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