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Covid-19 testing Phoenix AZ: What do you need to know while travelling?

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Same Day RT-PCR Travel Testing Phoenix

The covid-19 test is now mandatory to have before your plan any travel because the pandemic has snatched our near and dear ones. Moving ahead we do not want any more disasters and stay safe from the virus. That is why getting tested before you travel is mandatory to safeguard you and those who accompany you. To be tested negative ensures that you do not have any coronavirus in you, therefore no risk of spreading it. Affordable Rapid Test provides Rapid Antigen & RT-PCR Covid-19 Test in Phoenix & Scottsdale, AZ, Covid-19 Test Results are accurate, reliable and within guaranteed times, Book an appointment with us if you are going to travel soon.

RT-PCR & Other Covid-19 Testing in Phoenix & Scottsdale

Regardless of vaccination or antibody status everyone who passes through the airport for traveling mainly out of the country needs to have an RT-PCR Test report and only the ones who get tested & have negative RT-PCR reports are allowed to go ahead. In Affordable Rapid Testing, we know the priorities of the travelers who are moving from one city to another due to their work, family, or official tour purposes. So we prioritize them and provide covid-19 test results based on the need with our testing available testing options Rapid 30 Mins RT-PCR test, 2 Hours RT-PCR test, and Same-Day RT-PCR test. As it is now a mandate to endow the clients’ results before their scheduled travel time, we take prior appointments so that we can deliver the reports on time. If you are in Phoenix AZ, Scottsdale AZ, Tempe AZ, Chandler AZ, or Mesa AZ then you can get our assistance in Covid-19 testing for your travel purposes.

 Covid-19 Testing & Documentation:If you are a US citizen no documents are required to go through the test. Your covid-19 test result will be verified by the airport authority, you have to provide your identification details, date and time of specimen collection, and type of testing. You should complete the test within three days before the flight timing. Therefore you should book an appointment before your travel date so that you can be able to procure your negative report just before the departure. Our service is approved by FDA and that is why we can ensure you get results within a few hours.

RT-PCR or Rapid Antigen Testing?

If you wish to go for testing for travel purposes then Covid-19 RT- PCR testing is more viable and practical. Rapid Antigen testing is for those who carry high viral loads inside them. It varies from country to Country on whether they would accept a Covid-19 RT- PCR report or a Rapid Antigen Test Report. As most of the countries accept RT- PCR reports so you can go for our testing options like 30 Mins RT-PCR test, 2 Hours RT-PCR test, or Same-Day RT-PCR test at our locations in Phoenix & Scottsdale, we will ensure you an accurate report with guaranteed times.

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