How soon are the results of a COVID-19 RT-PCR test available?

Same day rt-pcr covid-19 test

No matter how much we try to take control of our life, COVID has surely messed things up in our lives. Fortunately, same-day RT-PCR test has been much more accessible now than before. As more and more people are getting vaccinated against the deadly virus, the airlines have opened up again.

Are you one of them who need to travel on an urgent basis? Though, some countries don’t require fully vaccinated people to take a test anymore, check whether your destination requires it or not. Some airline agencies are focusing on negative test results only. Otherwise, you won’t get permission to fly. Especially, if you are not vaccinated yet or are traveling with unvaccinated children.

So, What Type Of Test Can You Take?

If you have a flight to catch soon, you might be wondering where you can get the fastest test possible. Relax, now you can have an RT-PCR test for travel and you will get the results within thirty minutes. With a same-day PCR test, it doesn’t take much time to get an accurate result.

Though there are other tests like antigen tests, lab tests, antibody tests, all of them are not created equal. Also, every type is not suitable for international travel. Don’t get overwhelmed by so many options. What you will need to travel is an RT-PCR test that delivers the result within thirty minutes. You need to take the test before 72 hours of your flight. So that the airline officials can get the current report of your test result.  

What Are The Same Day Travel Testing Options For The Children?

If you are flying with children, what kind of support can you get from the COVID 19 testing facilities? If you are vaccinated but are traveling with unvaccinated children, you need to follow some different travel requirements. Fortunately, many countries accept the proof of negative COVID test when a child is ineligible for vaccination.

Are you trying to get same-day travel testing for your child? Many nationwide drugstores often serve younger patients. Also, search for the health care clinic near you that provides a same-day test facility. As per the CDC guidelines, children can take the RT-PCR tests that provide the same-day result.  Generally, this test collects a swab test and you have to wait for thirty minutes before getting the result.

To conclude, taking a same day RT-PCR COVID-19 test is the best option currently when you have a rush to travel.

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