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COVID-19 30 Mins Rapid RT-PCR Tests Is A Solution ?

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Rapid RT-PCR Tests in Phoenix & Scottsdale, Arizona

No More Waiting For Covid-19 RT-PCR Test Results!

You have been hearing a lot about rapid COVID-19 testing lately. Haven’t you? Some industries are using rapid RT-PCR tests to keep a check on the local transmission rates.  Influencers and celebs like Kardashians have even been on the headlines for hiring rapid antigen testing services to check guests before throwing Kendall Jenner’s birthday party. As it has already caused a stir in the UK and the USA, it is going to be more widespread.

So, How Does The Test Work?

First, a nasal swab sample of mucus is collected and twirled onto a sample card that will react to the sample. If the testing reagent detects COVID antigens, a two-line will appear on the card with fifteen to thirty minutes.

How Accurate Are The Rapid RT-PCR Tests?

If you have severe COVID symptoms, you are most likely to have an accurate result when you are taking the same-day Rapid RT-PCR COVID-19 test. But if you are asymptomatic, you might not have enough levels of virus in your mucus to test positive. 

However, experts warn that you must not treat same-day testing service as a free pass to attend a party or festival. If people think they can get tested before having a normal holiday, it will be nothing but misuse of the test kits. But, if you have some urgent need to travel from one state to another, the same-day travel testing service is for you.

All Your Queries About True And False Reports End Here

  • True positive report means your test has detected the virus to be present in the sample
  • A false-positive report means that it has detected  the virus by mistake when the virus is not there on the sample
  • True negative means that your test has not detected any virus as your sample has no virus
  • False-negative means your test has not detected any virus even when your sample has the virus

It means that a positive RT-PCR report means that the virus is present. But, the negative report can’t guarantee reliability. In that case, a repeat RT-PCR test is what you need.  

How Sensitive The Same-Day RT-PCR Test Is?

Sensitivity means the effectiveness of the test to detect the virus in the sample. The more sensitive a test is, the more accurate is the result. The sensitivity of same-day RT-PCR swab samples from the throat and nose is around 85%. The remaining 15%  might have a virus that is not detected due to a false negative result. That is why a second RT-PCR is a solution.

What Are The Benefits Of Rapid RT-PCR Tests?

First, they are called rapid for a reason. They provide the results right within thirty minutes. Plus, they don’t need a highly expensive procedure. In areas where traditional PCR tests are scarce, rapid tests act as the ultimate savior.

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