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Recent Enforcement of Lockdowns in China – Following COVID Outbreaks

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The year 2020 has shown major advancement in the medical field in humanity’s fight against the COVID-19 pandemic with advanced flu testing methods. However, the war is still raging in several regions of the world. COVID restrictions and challenges related to COVID are still extant. 

China has recently seen a rapid increase in COVID-19. China has launched mass testing exercises all over cities like Shanghai and Beijing. Schools have also been shut down and targeted residential buildings have been quarantined. Shanghai has also seen a similar rise in COVID-19 infections and has also begun exercising stringent lockdown measures. 

Which regions have been largely affected?

In early October this year, several cities imposed new restrictions with the rising number of cases in China. COVID-19 lockdown measures have been foisted on two major cities namely, Beijing and Shanghai with the latter being at the center of the recent outbreak. 

15,000 new cases have been reported in just a day forcing authorities to impose stringent city-wide lockdown measures. Nearly all 25 million residents have been forced to stay inside the confinement of their homes for weeks. 

More and more outbreaks are being reported in several parts of the country. It has significantly increased in parts of west Xinjiang and central Mongolia. In both places, hundreds of new cases are being reported on-the-daily. Authorities have discouraged citizens from going out of state for the National Day holiday celebrations. 

What restrictions are imposed on Chinese citizens following the COVID outbreak 

The COVID-19 infection has seen a rapid increase after October 1, following the National Day celebrations. Stringent measures have been taken to combat this disease on a large scale. Some of the said restrictions are:-

Restrictions enforced in every city

After numerous positive Covid-19 test results, authorities began imposing stringent lockdown measures in Fenyang, North Shanxi. With Hohhot, central Mongolia, reporting more than 200 cases within 12 days, strict laws have been put into place for preventing the passage of outside vehicles and passengers in the capital city. Shanghai and Beijing have announced the mandatory closure of entertainment venues as well as movie theaters.

Imposing the zero-contagion policy 

China is among the few places around the globe that has continued to impose stringent and harsh measures for preventing the further spread of COVID-19. China officials has encouraged citizens to get a free COVID-19 test several times a week. 

As a matter of fact, major cities like Beijing and Shanghai require negative test results within 72 hours to authorize entry into entertainment centers, public parks, stores, office buildings, and other public venues. Despite two years of living with COVID-19, China has shown no indication of changing the zero-contagion policy anytime soon. 

Along with taking a routine flu test, it is a mandate to wear a mask remains for individuals who are more than six years of age to board public transportation. The ‘no mask, no service’ policy is also imposed on medical facilities, pharmacies, shopping centers and even in many residences.

The COVID-19 situation in the U.S.

There has been an increasing concern regarding a potential surge in COVID-19 cases during this fall/winter season. Therefore, it is important to exercise preventative measures like washing hands frequently, always wearing a mask and getting tested on a routine basis. You should also keep a lookout for areas where there is both a rise and decrease in cases to know the status of your community. 

It is also a given that you need to take a test if you are experiencing symptoms. You also need to exercise strict quarantine measures if your test result comes positive.

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One good example of proactively combatting this disease with a no-fail policy is the country of China. COVID-19 can be easily stopped by taking immediate action and getting tested. Since there is a potential risk of infections during the fall and winter months, consider getting a flu test or a quick COVID-19 test from Affordable Rapid Testing, Phoenix. 

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