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Can You Travel With Unvaccinated Children Now?

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While a rising number of adults are getting jabbed for COVID-19, most kids are still not eligible for it. Many parents are getting their children tested frequently to make sure they are not infected. Many health care clinics are organizing Rapid RT-PCR tests for every age group.

Recently, Pfizer announced two important things about COVID vaccines for children:

a) The two-dose vaccine will soon be available to kids who are 12+ and older

b) It will be available for children aged 2 to 11 from September.

Well, this is welcome news for families with younger kids who are yet to get vaccinated. But, it also presents a dilemma. Should families with vaccinated adults travel with unvaccinated children? Or wait?

CDC recommends waiting until your child is fully vaccinated. But if you have an emergency, follow the guidelines for the unvaccinated ones.

How Much Risk Does COVID-19 Pose For Kids?

When thinking about unvaccinated children and COVID, there are two types of risks-

  • Direct risk
  • Risk of passing it to others

Children tend to develop severe illness far less commonly than adults. Unfortunately, their threat of life loss is also much bigger than the adults.

How Can Families Reduce Their COVID Risks While Traveling?

A Same-Day RT-PCR Test Is The First Step

Health experts say that travel can be risky, especially with the rise of delta variants. That is why you have to weigh the risks by taking the test. If you are living somewhere in Phoenix, Arizona, Affordable Rapid Testing will be your ideal destination.

Whether vaccinated or not, everyone in the family must continue to wear a mask properly in public places. Travelers must avoid crowds while using public vehicles and roaming in crowded places. Another must-do thing is to take a Rapid RT-PCR test for travel.

If the test result comes positive, it ends all the doubts and your child needs immediate treatment and quarantine. If your child tests negative for the COVID test, they can travel but with a greater amount of safety and precautions.

Air travel needs spending time in security lines and terminals. It can bring you in close contact with frequently touched surfaces and other people. Though keeping your distance is difficult on crowded flights, you have to be careful.

Choose Safer Activities For Your Children

Though your child’s report came negative at the Same-Day RT-PCR Test, indoor activities are safer than outdoor ones. Avoid activities that make it hard to stay six feet away from others. If you have a kid younger than two years old who can’t take a swab test or wear a mask, limit your outdoor visits as much as possible. So, you are ready to hit the road with your family and children, get everyone tested, follow all the protocols while traveling outside.

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