Can Traveling on Cruise Increase the Risk of Covid-19?

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The spread of Covid-19 has put a wrench in all the travel plans of sailing and cruising enthusiasts worldwide. However, with the help of rapid tests and widespread vaccination options, people are getting their freedom back. That does not mean that anyone should go on a cruise without taking precautionary measures. 

Even though a lot of preventative methods are widely available in the market now, Covid is still rampant. Hence everyone, especially children, the elderly, and at-risk adults should be careful about traveling, even via a cruise. 

How traveling on a cruise increases the risk spreading of Covid-19 

A cruise trip can easily turn into the breeding ground for the disease and spread it further. 

  • Enclosed spaces lead to travelers having to live in close quarters. 
  • Eating in a common shared place, like a restaurant, increases the chances of coming in contact with contaminated surfaces and utensils. 
  • Negligent hygiene practices and lack of cleanliness on cruise surfaces. 
  • Co-passengers not adhering to COVID protocols like wearing masks and maintaining social distancing. 
  • Using the common pool with other patrons. 
  • Presence of children, especially during holidays, increases the chances of contamination as most of them are not vaccinated. It is best to avoid cruises if you have young children of your own. 
  • Port stoppages, and exploring new towns, and new places also increase your chances of contracting Covid and furthering the spread as well. 

The CDC guidelines for cruise traveling 

The CDC states that there are chances of people contracting the Covid-19 virus while living with others in close quarters on a cruise. According to CDC, the following groups of people should refrain from unnecessary traveling on a cruise, even if it’s a river cruise. 

  • If you are not up-to-date with all of your Covid vaccinations
  • People who are at risk of contracting severe diseases, like the elderly, and children and adults with underlying medical issues like diabetes, lung, and heart diseases. 

Covid testing and vaccination can help stop the spread 

The best practice, with the rise of a new variant on the horizon again, would be to not go on a cruise altogether. But if you still want to travel with your family and friends on a ship, there are a few guidelines you have to follow. 

People traveling on a cruise should be up-to-date with all their vaccines and also get tested before they board the ship. You can look up ‘rapid PCR test near me’ on the internet and it will show you where you and your travel partners can get your rapid testing done.

Preventive methods to follow while on board 

Every cruise ship has a different set of rules and guidelines that occupants have to follow during the entire course of their journey. 

  • The CDC recommends that passengers always wear masks and use sanitizer to minimize the risk of contamination. 
  • Sanitize your hands before or after touching a foreign surface that could be contaminated.
  • Try to go to the restaurants which have social distancing protocols or the ones that offer outdoor dining. You should also opt for room service on ships that offer it. 
  • Try to be as safe as possible during excursions and port calls. Always wear your mask if you go to shops, markets, or other populated areas. Try to spend more time doing outdoor activities. 

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