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Can I Get An STD Without Having Sex?

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Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) have been a raging health issue for years. In most cases, infected individuals might not even experience the symptoms or confuse them with other health issues. This can result in grave health issues like infertility and might even cause death. Also, to address the ever-looming question of whether STDs can be transmitted without sexual activities, the answer will always be yes. Therefore, it is imperative to understand said activities that can lead to contracting an STD and getting an STI test.

In this article, you will know more about how you can contract an STD without non-intercourse sexual activities as well as non-sexual activities.

Contracting STDs via non-intercourse sexual activities

If you have been under the impression that an STD can be spread only via unprotected sexual intercourse, then you are sadly mistaken. As per the U.S. CDC, many STDs can be transmitted via fluids (saliva, lubricating genital fluids, pre-ejaculate, and semen) exchanged during sexual activity. Some ways of getting in contact with these fluids are:-


Kissing involves the exchanging of saliva and can result in oral herpes. However, oral sex also has a high risk of exposing someone to infected genital fluids before kissing. It can result in contracting menacing STDs like Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. You can also contract blood-borne STDs like HIV from open cuts or sores in your mouth.

Oral sex

The risk of contracting an STD via oral sex is at par with that of vaginal or anal sex. Oral sex exposes your mouth to the sexual fluids of another potentially infected individual. If you are performing oral sex on a menstruating individual with a cut in your mouth, there is a high chance of contracting blood-borne STDs like HIV.

Sharing sex toys

Passing sex toys while being intimate can also expose you to infected bodily fluids. However, it can be prevented if the toys are thoroughly cleaned between every use.

Touching eyes during intimate sessions

If you inadvertently touch or rub your eyes with infected sexual fluids on your fingertips  you are at risk of contracting STDs like Gonorrhea, Herpes, or Chlamydia. This type of transmission can even infect babies in a mother’s womb.

Getting an STD through non-sexual activities

Non-sexual activities can also result in sexually transmitted infections like Hepatitis, HIV, oral herpes, and the like. Some ways you can contract an STD without sex are:-

If you share toothbrushes

Sharing a toothbrush with an individual infected with oral herpes can infect you with it as well. Blood-borne STDs like Hepatitis or HIV can be contracted if you and the infected person you’re sharing a toothbrush with have bleeding gums or open cuts in the mouth. 

Sharing a razor

Sharing a razor can put you at risk of contracting Herpes, Hepatitis, or even HIV. If viral particles on a razor used for shaving one’s pubic region are exposed to the genitals, it has a high chance of contracting STIs. 

Sharing needles

Sharing needles for injecting drugs makes you susceptible to contracting an STD without any prior sexual experience. This is how many individuals contract lood-borne STDs like HIV or Hepatitis. This is one of the reasons why needle swaps are encouraged. 

Eating contaminated food

Eating contaminated food can also result in an STD if there is an exchange of blood in the process. For instance, if a person infected with HIV has a cut on their lip and shares a sandwich with another person with an open sore in their mouth. Although highly unlikely, one can also contract oral Herpes by eating predigested food of an infected individual.

Getting a blood transfusion

In many cases, STDs like Hepatitis or HIV can be transmitted via blood transfusion. This is highly likely if you are receiving a transfusion of blood from an unreliable place. Be very aware of this while getting a blood transfusion from a different country with few health regulations.

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