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DOT-Certified Breathe Alcohol Testing in Phoenix, AZ

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Breath Alcohol Testing in Phoenix & Scottsdale

A Breathe Alcohol Test can be required for various reasons. It actually determines the alcohol concentration in your breath sample which can be the best way to know your level of intoxication. DOT drug screening and non-DOT drug screening both are done in Affordable Rapid Testing clinics. Our Phoenix and Scottsdale labs are there to assist you in your drug screening procedure. Affordable Rapid Testing offers a straightforward and non-invasive type of testing where you won’t get any hassle while running the test.

Breathe Alcohol Testing and its necessity:

Alcohol consumption in excessive amounts can be hazardous for anyone, especially people who drive. That is why alcohol testing sometimes is necessary to protect the rights of the employer and employees. Alcohol consumption is unsafe and risky, especially in workplaces. Using alcohol in the workplace can not only decrease productivity but can cause severe happenings as well. So it’s necessary to get tested in the workplace if it’s required.

The majority of alcohol excretion happens by urination and kidneys and a small quantity is left by the lungs through breathing. A breath analyzer can easily determine the BAC level of a person who has consumed alcohol. A breath analyzer can measure blood alcohol content, i.e., BAC in just a few seconds.

Breathe Alcohol Testing by Affordable Rapid Testing in Phoenix & Scottsdale

Our Drug testing service can give you a detailed picture of someone’s alcohol consumption. We have expert technicians who are skilled in using breath analyzers. While you are in Scottsdale or Phoenix then you can come to our clinic for testing, we comply with Department of Transportation testing standards and thereby provide you with an accurate result.

Mobile Breath Alcohol Testing in Phoenix & Scottsdale

You can get Breath Alcohol Testing needed by DOT and non-DOT drug and alcohol-free workspace with accurate results delivered within 15-30 minutes of testing. For our mobile service, you have to call us beforehand and our technicians will visit your place with breathalyzers and they will conduct the tests properly and deliver results within the same day.

So, drive through and visit us at our clinic locations or else you can book a prior appointment to avoid the queue. We are well-equipped and at the same time, we care about hygiene. If you depend on us then you can be assured of the confidentiality we offer you by not exposing your identity to others, if it’s not necessary.

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