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Breath Alcohol Testing made rapid, easy, and affordable with Affordable Rapid Testing, Phoenix

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Rapid Breath Alcohol DRUg Testing Phoenix

Breath alcohol tests (BAT) are the quickest way to understand how much alcohol you have consumed in your bloodstream. Our skilled and certified technicians will be careful about your specific need regarding your requirement of evaluating someone who has met with an accident or wishes to get routine alcohol testing for organizational purposes. We provide a hygienic and comfortable service to our clients and our skilled employees will ensure your complete privacy.

Residing in Phoenix or having an office there can help you avail of our service as we have a mobile testing service for alcohol consumption. If you need our assistance for your workplace then book an appointment with us where we will visit your place and conduct the test there with our skilled professionals. We ensure you get the exact analysis and the report will be available on the very day of the testing.

Breath Alcohol Testing and its benefits:

While you’re a driving professional or own a company where many employees work, you might need alcohol testing at regular intervals to check that your workplace remains alcohol-free. Alcohol indulges in loss of productivity and sometimes it might create professional hazards that might include accidents on the roads too. To get rid of such problems, trust our professional service in Phoenix & nearby where we assure you to get mobile testing for alcohol intake with the help of a breathalyzer.

Facilities you get when you choose Affordable Rapid Testing for Alcohol screening:

  • You can enter your name, the test you require, and other important information which you will need to get the results. Please book an appointment with us and walk into our clinic.
  • We respect your discretion so we provide the report only via email which is secured and maintains your privacy.
  • Our reports can be availed within the said time frame, mainly on the same day you are getting tested.
  • Our Rapid alcohol testing service offers you a contactless service in Phoenix & nearby suburbs
  • One can go for online appointments and you can walk into the clinic as well.
  • Our mobile alcohol testing service is conducted for a group of people who cannot reach the clinic. Our testing vehicles can go to almost every location in phoenix & nearby suburbs to get the test done with accuracy.
  • Unlimited patients with the same appointment timing can be tested with our mobile testing service.

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