Are HIV and STD Tests Confidential?

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The statutory requirements for reporting HIV and STD tests vary from one state to another. Timely reporting of such tests in detail is mandatory for making assessments of public health. The reports of HIV and STD tests should be made according to the state and local regulatory requirements. 

The reporting can be based on the provider or laboratory. Sometimes, it can be a combination of both provider and laboratory. Clinicians should be well-informed about the requirements that their jurisdictions demand. In the event of uncertainty, pieces of advice from state or local health STD programs should be sought by clinicians.

 Most jurisdictions secure HIV and STD reports by statute or regulation. Hence, HIV and STD test reports are made confidential acknowledging the convenience of patients. 

What are confidential tests? 

A confidential test is a method of testing in which the information of the report is kept private pertaining to the wishes of the individual in question and state law. However, the results will show up in the medical record of the patient. In accordance with the local statutory requirements, the results can be disclosed to healthcare providers or others should the need arise. 

For instance, if a patient tests positive for HIV, the result will be shared with those who come under statutory requirements for reporting HIV and STD tests such as members of the state’s health department. However, the results remain protected by privacy laws wherein they are not released elsewhere without the patient’s consent.

How are the results shared?

The results of the tests are attached to the confidential medical records of the patient. Once the test results are reported to local or state health departments, the personal information, which includes names and addresses, is withdrawn before the results are shared with CDC. The shared information is further used by the CDC for reporting purposes. Nevertheless, the information does not get shared with any other organization.

Why should you go for confidential STD tests?

Living with untreated STDs can be serious and sometimes even fatal if not diagnosed at the right time. The results may also call attention to the patient’s sex life. If any symptoms of STDs pop up, you should get in touch with your healthcare provider at once to arrange a test for you. No delays should be made as it will only slow down the further processing of the needful treatments.

 On account of a confidential test, you will be able to discover if you are affected or not without the need of revealing your identity.

Factors to consider to take care of your confidentiality

Confidential tests do not alter the privacy of the patients. It safeguards the identity of an individual and acknowledges the individual’s consent. Some factors that should be taken into consideration in taking care of the confidentiality of an individual are discussed below:

  • Conversation between the clinicians and patients: Clarification of the information release should be ensured through a conversation before the test is taken forward.
  • Educating oneself on the procedure: The person should not pay attention to fear-mongering misinformation regarding STD tests. He or she should acquire proper knowledge of the procedure from trusted resources and then make up their mind.
  • Knowing the limitations of confidentiality: An insight into the limitations of confidentiality allows minors and adolescents to determine the components associated with confidentiality.
  • Looking for an informed clinician: The person should seek help from a clinician who is well familiar with the regulatory requirements that their jurisdiction abides by.

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