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All you need to know about Rapid Covid-19 testing in Phoenix, AZ

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Same Day RT-PCR Travel Testing Phoenix

In this world of covid emergency, one would require to go through covid testing during a travelling to any place. If you are Departing & Arriving through Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport, Arizona then Affordable Rapid Testing is the place for all your Covid-19 Tests requirement. We offer accurate testing results with reliable turnaround times. You can get Covid-19 testing in Phoenix, Scottsdale & nearby Suburbs at your ease. This location features curb-side services where our lab assistant will be able to help you without ever having to leave your vehicle.

We have different kinds of Covid-19 Testing available with various options as per your requirements, so if you are travelling or if you have any emergency then you can walk through the Lab where you can get yourself tested with guaranteed result at the earliest. We are mentioning them here so that you can go through them and book your appointment at the earliest to get tested anytime you require it.

The types of Covid-19 tests are offered by us

Same Day RT-PCR COVID-19 tests

This is the most popular tests available with Affordable Rapid Testing, you can get accurate test results with a reliable turnaround time, We can book your appointment on a priority basis or else you can walk into our place where you can get yourself tested avoiding the queue.

One can get this tested mainly for travelling purpose where you can get the PCR report within the same day you are being tested. The report will be given on a priority basis and you can get it by 8 PM of the same day if you get tested before 4 PM. The testing time will take some 15 minutes from your busy schedule.

A lot other options are also there for your use of the Covid-19 testing service. The lab assistant will always be there to guide you thoroughly. Our Lab is not only in Phoenix but we have also open another location in Scottsdale AZ. With Affordable rapid testing, you can get the test sitting on your car even where you do not need to go out of it and you will be tested by a trusted technician from the clinic.  

30 Minute Emergency RT-PCR Covid-19 Test

We offer 30 mins Guaranteed result covid-19 RT-PCR test, so if one need this test at the time of emergency where the report is given on a priority basis and you can get hold of the report within 30 minutes of covid-19 RT-PCR testing. Because of limited availability book your appointment on an emergency basis.

Rapid Antigen Test

The rapid test is given to anyone who has symptoms and having a high viral load. In any kind of emergency, you can go through a rapid antigen test. The report is given after 15 minutes of testing. Rapid Antigen test results are not acceptable if you are travelling internationally, you must need RT-PCR Covid-19 Negative test Result for international travelling.

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