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Affordable & Rapid DOT Drug Testing in Phoenix & Scottsdale, Arizona

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Rapid DOT Drug testing Phoenix Scottsdale

We can meet your entire DOT drug testing requirement at Affordable Rapid Testing clinics in Phoenix and Scottsdale Arizona. We keep in mind maintaining DOT compliance while conducting DOT drug testing. We are experienced in non-DOT drug testing as well where we ensure the employer tests the employees according to his requirements. Our skilled professionals can test you and provide you with the report on the same day of testing. At Affordable Rapid Testing, we conduct mobile DOT physicals too, depending on bulk requirements of testing.

DOT Drug testing in Phoenix and Scottsdale:

We conduct several kinds of DOT drug testing depending on the need and necessity. All major kinds of drugs are being tested in our clinic. When the employer is asking you for DOT drug testing for your employment or some legal issues then you can book an appointment with us as we have our clinic just near you in Phoenix which is adjacent to the Phoenix harbor airport. You can come to our Scottsdale clinic as well where we can get you tested and mail you the report within a few hours of testing.

Except for booking a prior appointment, you can straightly come to our clinic as we allow drive-through testing as well. If you are negative with a DOT drug testing then the reports will be delivered on the same day but in any case, if you are positive with the testing then it takes 2 days for confirmation.

DOT drug testing for DOT compliance:

Being an employer you should ensure a safe working place for the employees. That is why, according to the occupational safety and health act, you need to test the employees to check whether they are coming to the workplace after taking drugs or alcohol.  It’s a common concern of employers to suffer from employee alcohol and drug abuse. It actually can stretch you to a far extent where you cannot keep your work environment safe. So if you work for the Department of Transportation’s agencies and hold employees under you then you should go for DOT-compliant drug testing on all CDL holders to ensure the safety of the workplace.

Choose Affordable rapid testing for your entire DOT testing needs:

We are there for the safety of you and your staff. We provide certified DOT drug testing services to our clients. The tests can be made easy and comfortable with our skilled employees. We are certified service providers for DOT drug testing and Breath alcohol testing. Our results are quick and accurate which can give a sigh of relief to you. 

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