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All You Need to Know About Adult STDs and Rapid STD Testing Facilities 

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Contrary to popular belief, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are not the same things:

  • A disease is preceded by an infection, which occurs when bacteria, viruses, or parasites attack the body.
  • And whereas an infection may not cause any symptoms, a disease typically always has obvious symptoms.

Consider it like this: An STD will always begin as an STI. But not every STI progresses to an STD.

Now that you are aware of the differences between the two, let’s go over the several STD types that are currently recognized, the STD tests,  their treatments, and—most importantly—prevention strategies.

If you Notice These Symptoms, You Need To Take A Rapid STD Test

When an STD first manifests as a symptomatic STI, you could initially notice symptoms like:

  • Pain or discomfort during sexual intercourse or while urinating 
  • Sores, bumps, or rashes on or around the mouth, genitals, buttocks, or thighs
  • Unusual discharge or bleeding from the genitals 
  • Painful or swollen testicles
  • Itchiness in or around the genitals 
  • Unexpected periods or bleeding after sex

However, keep in mind that not all STIs cause symptoms. Symptoms can differ if an STI develops into an STD. Some of these, such as pain during sexual activity, pain while urination, and irregular or painful periods, might be similar to those above. Whenever you are experiencing any of these, book an appointment at Affordable Rapid Testing

Why Do You Need An STD Test? 

Without being put to the test, there is no way to tell for sure. Many STDs lack blatant symptoms. If you have been involved in unprotected sexual activities that could have put you at risk for an STD or pregnancy, then please book a quick appointment. Tests for STDs ought to be included in your routine physical. Visit our Affordable Rapid Testing clinic and request an STD test if you have even the slightest doubt that you may have been exposed to one. Currently, we only provide STD testing for Syphilis, HCV, and HIV. Other testing choices will be available soon.

Our Locations

You can contact us through call or email and book your appointment. Our locations include: 

What Happens If You Don’t Treat Your STDs?

When an STD does not present any unpleasant symptoms, people with them refrain from engaging in sexual activity and do not see a doctor.

If left untreated, an STD is an infection that can spread to other bodily regions. That should be more than enough to motivate you to seek medical attention right away. If you don’t, you might experience some of the following:

  • Gonorrhea that is not treated might harm joints.
  • Chlamydia that is left untreated might result in pelvic inflammatory disease, which can cause infertility.
  • For men, untreated HPV can lead to oral cancer and penile cancer.

Therefore, you should deal with an STD as soon as possible. This way, you are not only saving yourself but also preventing infecting your future partners. 

At Affordable Rapid Testing, You Will Get A Wide Range of Testing Facilities 

  • On-Site Testing

You won’t have to exit your car – thanks to our drive-through testing facilities. You can stay in your car while our lab assistants will handle your tests and findings because there is plenty of parking space available in all our locations. 

  • Mobile Testing 

Are you having trouble getting to our lab? Do you need our testing services for a sizable group? Do not fret! Our Mobile Testing Service in the Metropolitan Phoenix Area accepts an unlimited number of patients at the same appointment time.

  • Business & Organizational Testing

Our STD testing services for corporations and organizations will help you ensure the security of your workplace.

  • Testing at Schools & Colleges on-site

Young people who are sexually active often contract STDs. To protect the safety of the classroom and campus, our onsite testing services are tailored for schools and colleges as well.

The Final Takeaway

Although many STDs may be treated, not all of them can be cured. Some of them can be fatal, while others just have minor consequences. You need to take an STD test appointment on time to diagnose your disease and manage it with the help of medication. The best approach to avoid the risk is to have frequent screenings and engage in safer sexual practices. Additionally, get treatment as soon as you can if you test positive for any STIs.

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