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6 Things You Must Know About DOT Random Drug Testing

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DOT Random Drug Panel Testing Phoenix

DOT random drug testing is a mandate imposed upon organizations and employees working under the governance of the U.S. Department of Transportation and federal laws. There are 6 very important things you need to keep in mind when it comes to random DOT panel testing. We have listed them in detail for your knowledge:-

1. When a random DOT Panel Testing can take place

An employee of any company under the DOT needs to know when it is more likely to take place. Business owners also need to know the regulations associated with the number of times they can conduct random DOT drug testing on their drivers and employees. 

Reasonable suspicion or viable proof of any employee abusing substances or alcohol is a good reason to conduct a random drug test. Such instances call for mandatory random drug testing as soon as possible. 

Random testing essentially means conducting drug tests in a randomized way where every employee will have an equal opportunity of being tested without bias. It is also an obligatory part of the return-to-duty processes. It includes conducting tests on such employees six times randomly, within the first year of resuming duties. 

2. What happens when one fails a random DOT drug test

The primary goal of conducting random drug tests is to ensure that employees are not under the influence during work. However, despite all of these efforts, some still fail the test. A positive drug test result will lead to the following an immediate prohibition from performing a safety-sensitive job like driving or sometimes even termination of the contract. 

The consequences are entirely dependent on the policy of your company. Business owners need to update their records when an employee fails a test to remain compliant. 

3. Updating Clearinghouse Records

After a random DOT drug test, all violations are required to be reported. Employers have to update every record by the third business day after receiving the test results. The only mandatory information required in the FMCSA Clearinghouse is the DOT-mandate drug or alcohol test. These records can remain for up to five years or until return-to-duty formalities are done. 

4. Prioritizing Safety 

DOT random drug testing is truly a cumbersome process that companies need to go through every year. However, regardless of how tiring it may be, the safety of both employees and the general public should always be prioritized. 

Companies need to maintain a minimum compliance score imposed by the CSA for reducing the number of accidents. If your company is violating this policy and being non-compliant, there will be an intervention. 

5. The standard 5-panel DOT drug testing process

The standard way to carry out a DOT panel testing procedure is via 5-panel drug testing. It is a minimum standard that companies need to follow to remain in compliance. Companies can also issue more extensive drug tests as per their policies. The standard DOD drug testing process checks for the following drugs:-

  • Phencyclidine
  • Opioids
  • Marijuana
  • Amphetamines
  • Cocaine 

6. False positive test results

In many instances, false positive test results are returned after a random DOT drug testing procedure. However, there is no need to panic if that happens. In most cases, samples are divided into two separate ones post-collection to avoid an issue like this. 

You should also consult the physician who conducted the first and request him/her a second test within 72 hours after the positive result. Upon request, they will use the second sample to check for any discrepancies. This is crucial because the failure of a test has severe consequences for the company, the employee, and the general public. 

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