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3 Most Common STDs and How to Avoid Them

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Common STD & Rapid STD testing in Phoenix, Arizona

STD Statistics

The possibility of contracting common STDs is very much a part of life if one is actively involved in frequent sexual activities. As per the CDC reports, nearly 26 million new cases of STIs have been reported in the United States. It is therefore a mandate to educate yourself about the most common STDs in the USA for the sake of your sexual health. 

The Most Common STDs

If you are sexually active, it is important to know about the ones you are more likely to contract. You will find a detailed answer to the question ‘What are the 3 most common STDs?’ below:-


Chlamydia is reported as the most common STD in the US. Apart from vaginal or anal intercourse, it can also be contracted through oral sex. Patients usually notice penis or vaginal discharge or even experience pain or a burning sensation while urinating. The symptoms are noticed in 50% of males and only in 25% of females. It can be easily treated with antibiotics. 


Gonorrhea is amongst the most common bacterial STIs that patients often contract with Chlamydia. The symptoms are also akin to Chlamydia. As per reports, males who contract Gonorrhea are more likely to notice symptoms. However, only 20% of females experience them. Therefore, if you have been sexually active with someone suffering from this STD, it is imperative to get yourself tested, regardless of having symptoms or not.  


Syphilis is amongst the deadliest sexually transmitted diseases in the US. Patients usually experience four stages of this disease. The most common symptom is a growing sore at the onset of Syphilis that often gets overlooked or mistaken for a bump or cut. In the second stage patients start developing a rash on their bodies and the sores spread to their mouth, vaginal, or anal region. It is known to cause nerve or organ damage and can even lead to brain problems if left untreated. Therefore, treating it is mandatory, because 15% of patients with untreated Syphilis have reportedly reached the final stage. It can be easily treated with antibiotics.

How You Can Protect Yourself

STDs can not only be a hindrance to sexual health but also affect you mentally. Therefore, it is imperative to practice the following precautionary measures:-


Abstinence is a surefire way to prevent STDs. Abstinence essentially means that you will not engage in any sexual activity including vaginal, anal as well as oral sex. 

Use Protection

Practicing safe sex is the ideal way to prevent STDs if you are sexually active. Using condoms correctly during sex can potentially lessen the risk of contracting a sexually contracted infection. 

Get Tested

Recognizing symptoms from the start, although preliminary, is still a very important step. Even if you are not experiencing symptoms, but have been exposed to someone suffering from an STD, get yourself tested. 

Choose Affordable Rapid Testing, Phoenix for getting tested for STDs

Most patients are more likely to not experience STD symptoms even if they contract it. Some symptoms of common STDs like Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, and others are hard to identify. This will require testing so you can treat and cure yourself as soon as possible. Affordable Rapid Testing offers quick and reliable STD testing in Phoenix, Arizona. With prompt lab results and a holistic treatment plan, Affordable rapid Testing will help you take the quickest step toward recovery.

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Common STD & Rapid STD testing in Phoenix, Arizona
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3 Most Common STDs and How to Avoid Them

STD Statistics The possibility of contracting common STDs is very much a part of life if one is actively involved in frequent sexual activities. As