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Breath Alcohol Testing

Affordable Rapid Testing is here to assist with all DOT and Non-DOT Drug Test screening needs. Whether getting tested for DOT or Non-DOT Workplace Testing,  you can schedule an appointment online or walk-in and get tested. We are DOT Testing and DHHS Testing Urine Specimen collector certified. For any additional questions or information, please call us at (480) 351-1880.

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For DOT and Non-DOT Breath Alcohol Testing

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Breath Alcohol Screening

We offer Breath Alcohol Testing requaried by DOT and Non-DOT drug-free workplace program with results delivered same day after 15 minute of testing.

Personnel are DHHS & DOT-qualified.

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Mobile Breath Alcohol Screening

We offer Breath Alcohol Testing requaried by DOT and Non-DOT drug-free workplace program with results delivered same day after 15 minute of testing.The price of the Breath Alcohol Testing is $75 and for mobile service an add on of $25!

Personnel are DHHS & DOT-qualified.

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Affordable BAT Certified Screening with Instant Result

Breath alcohol tests (BAT) are a quick and easy way to determine how much alcohol is currently in a person’s bloodstream. At Affordable Rapid Testing, our certified Breath Alcohol Technicians can use a breathalyzer to accurately analyze the presence of alcohol in someone’s system and provide reliable results instantly. Affordable Rapid Testing provides superior services designed with your specific needs in mind, whether you need to evaluate an individual following an accident or simply want to conduct routine random alcohol testing. Our cutting-edge facilities are clean and comfortable, and our friendly staff will go out of their way to ensure complete confidentiality.

Getting an accurate diagnosis can be one of the most impactful experiences that you can have — especially if you’ve been in search of that answer for a while. We can help you get there.
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Affordable Breath Alcohol Testing

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Come visit us at one of our four locations across the valley. Appointments can be scheduled online, however walk-ins are welcome as well.

Same Day Mobile Breath Alcohol Testing

Our onsite/mobile Breath Alcohol testing services for a large group but are unable to reach our lab? Worry not! Our mobile testing vehicles can be dispatched to any location in the valley. Unlimited patients at the same appointment time with our Mobile Testing Service (travel fee $100) in Metropolitan Phoenix Area.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Either pre-book your appointment online or simply drive up during business hours without an appointment for a safe, contactless check-in and payment experience. Just be sure to verify business hours for your location if you do not make an appointment.

We do not bill health insurance – it is self-pay and we provide insurance reimbursement documentation.

A breath alcohol test, which determines the concentration of alcohol in a breath sample, is the best way to test for alcohol. A breath alcohol test detects current levels of intoxication by measuring the amount of alcohol in exhaled breath.

The procedure is most common, non-invasive, and straightforward. This method produces legally defensible results that protect both employer and employee rights.

Any form of alcohol consumption can be dangerous on the job. Alcohol consumption can result in a loss of inhibition, sedation, and motor control. These behaviors have a negative impact on your employees’ productivity and safety, as well as potential liability for employers. The outcomes can range from decreased productivity to serious incidents.

As soon as alcohol is consumed, the body starts the metabolic process to break it down. Alcohol enters the bloodstream after being metabolized and travels through several organs. A small amount of alcohol leaves the body through the lungs or breathing, while the majority is excreted by the kidneys and urine. The individual’s blood alcohol content, or BAC, is directly correlated with this small percentage. The BAC level of the drinker can be determined and reported instantly by a breathalyzer.

Speed – Breathalyzers can measure blood alcohol content (BAC) in just a few seconds.

Ease – The procedure is easy, uncomplicated, and non-invasive.

Accuracy – A breathalyzer can give a trustworthy summary of a person’s BAC.

Instant feedback – Breathalyzers are the best option for post-accident and reasonable suspicion alcohol testing because they measure very recent alcohol consumption.

Our extensive alcohol testing services at Affordable Rapid Testing can assist you in getting a clear picture of a person’s alcohol consumption. Our breath alcohol technicians are licensed and experienced in using breathalyzers and conducting accurate alcohol tests. In our spotless, comfortable lab facilities, we provide complete confidentiality and discrete breathalyzer testing services. We can also visit your location on request.

One may become clumsy and react more slowly as the BAC increases. One might also make poor decisions. These issues make driving risky.

A driver over the age of 21 cannot have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of more than 0.08% in usual cases. For drivers under 21, there is zero tolerance in every state.

Local police may suspect a driver in the case of speeding, being involved in an accident, or weaving on the road. When they pull a driver over for a traffic stop or at the scene of an accident, they can use a Breathalyzer to check their blood alcohol content.

Usually, tests may be manual or electronic. A walkie-talkie-sized electronic device is what most police officers use. When the suspect blows into a mouthpiece, it immediately provides a reading. For the officer to get an average reading, one might be asked to repeat this a few times. It doesn’t hurt and it only takes a minute.

The most typical manual test involves using a balloon and a glass tube with yellow crystals inside of it. One has to inflate the balloon and let the air out through the tube. The amount of alcohol in their system affects the color of the crystal bands in the tube, which range from yellow to green. However, very few organizations use this manual method nowadays.

  • The Breathalyzer, also known as a breathalyzer, allows for the detection of impairment for up to 12 hours after ethyl alcohol exposure.
  • Saliva (Oral Fluids) Testing provides a 12-hour window for the detection of impairment or exposure.
  • The exposure detection period offered by urine EtG testing is approximately 80 hours.

Yes, mostly. However, a reading error could be caused by a few different things:

  • Trace amounts of alcohol in the mouth 15 minutes before the test could result in an unreliable result. Results can be impacted by smoking. The same is true for alcohol-containing products like mouthwash and breath fresheners.
  • Batteries or calibration adjustments may be required from time to time for the devices. These might have an impact on the reading.
  • Some tests use software that needs to be occasionally updated and can lead to errors.


After a 15-minute wait, another test is performed if the first one’s outcome is not favorable. The 15-minute waiting period is intended to eliminate any possibility that residual mouth alcohol could negatively impact the test result. Residual mouth alcohol has been implicated in test result inflation.

Police officers carry professional breathalyzers that use fuel cell technology which leads to the most accurate results. However, a blood or urine test is more reliable than any breathalyzer.

At Affordable Rapid Testing, we make the breath alcohol testing services easy. Our breathalyzer testers are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and certified in their use. Our testers have the necessary credentials to carry out testing by Department of Transportation testing standards. Our testers make sure that correct procedures are followed for every test because they recognize the value of an accurate result.

We can quickly determine the alcohol content of the suspect’s breath. In a matter of minutes, our reliable alcohol breathalyzers finish the test. Both breath alcohol confirmation tests and alcohol screening tests are available here.

Are you interested in our breath alcohol testing services? To learn more, call us at 480-351-1880 or find a testing location near you!